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Do You Need Your Well Water Tested?

A high-speed photograph captures a water drop collision, creating a unique liquid sculpture effect against an orange backdrop.

The Fire Board is encouraging everyone to have their water well tested. To make it easier to do, we will have testing bottles available and will take the bottles in for testing. You will need to sign up so we can let you know when we will be doing the first set of tests. If you are interested in testing your water, please complete the following form:

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The cost varies and depends upon which tests you would like to have done. Here is the link to the form that you will need to complete and it identifies the costs:

Water Order Form.pdf

If they have not gotten a bottle to collect the sample, they may get one 

March 20 Station #2 after 7:00 pm at the PCFPD Board meeting night OR

March 21 at my house, 40738 Poudre Canyon Road   970-881-2209


You need to bring your samples on Tuesday, March 26.  Bring samples collected that morning to:

10:00 am  Station #2

11:00 am Station #1

Here are some instructions for the bacteria sampling
● Cold water only!
● Wash hands thoroughly before sampling
● Do not use the kitchen faucet as it can give false positive results
● Let the faucet/ spigot run for approximately 5 minutes.
● Mark the container with the date/time/ locations (should exactly match the COC).
● Open the container ensuring not touch the inside of the cap and container (Some
containers have a white powder inside. This is a dechlorinater compound).
● Let the water flow the diameter of a pencil.
● Fill the container to a line marked ¾ of the way up from the bottom of the clear bottle
(Bacteria only, do not let the white powder escape). DO NOT OVERFILL!
● Other analysis will use a white opaque container and you would fill these up to the neck
of the bottle.
● Secure the cap tightly. Refrigerate the sample at regular refrigerator temps.
● Bacteria (Total Coliform/ e.Coli) tests have to be set up within 28 hours of sampling. It is
best to collect the sample on the day of testing.
● Complete the COC form with the address/ description of the sample (Bathroom Sink for
example), date/ time, and type of analysis.
● The COC 1st page has check boxes for common analysis. There are more analyses and
fees on the second page. If you would want these analyses, please mark the second
page with the appropriate tests.
● Ensure a good name/ address/ telephone number and email address is on every COC
submitted (I email results to each client individually).
● There are two places at the bottom right of the 1st page of the COC where I need printed
names and signatures date and time of the person taking the samples.
Peter Graham
Laboratory Manager 

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